I’m a seasoned university educator with extensive experience teaching across multiple disciplines and at a variety of levels, including designing programmes for undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional cohorts.

2017-18 LSE100 Guest Teacher, LSE

Co-teacher on LSE’s flagship interdisciplinary course for all undergraduate students.

2017 LSE Summer School Class Teacher, LSE

As a class teacher on the LSE Summer School module International Journalism and Society — The Role of the Media in the World (IR245), I worked in conjunction with the module convenors and fellow class teachers to design a seminar series founded on a diverse array of in-class activities, the aim of which was to give students hands-on experience of thinking and working through issues facing journalists in contemporary news production. Topics included working through visual representations of gender and raising awareness of public health risks. IR245 is convened by Professor Charlie Beckett and Dr Shani Orgad.

2016-17 Teaching Associate, Queen Mary University of London

As a teaching associate at Queen Mary University of London, I served as a seminar tutor on the module BUS316 – Social and Political Marketing, offered to final year undergraduates in the School of Business and Marketing, as well as visiting associate students. I worked in collaboration with the module convener Dr Arianna Bove to design 10 weekly seminars, each attended by groups of roughly 30 students. In-class exercises permitted students to engage inductively with the key concepts and categories that are central to successfully completing the module and understanding approaches to social and political marketing in various domains.

2012-13 Assistant Lecturer in Anthropology, Maynooth University, Ireland

As an assistant lecturer in anthropology, I designed and delivered three 12-week lecture series, with topics including Digital Anthropology, Political Media, and Globalisation. These modules were offered to final year undergraduates, taught postgraduates, and PhD researchers in the Department of Anthropology at Maynooth University. Classes entailed both a lecture and seminar element. Assessment in all three modules consisted of 50% essay, 30% individual research project, and 20% for weekly responses to thematic prompts. Individual research projects helped students to engage more personally with the module themes. Module syllabi and reading lists (both handouts and on Moodle) were structured based on the findings of an ethnographic project exploring students’ experience of learning anthropology in a large-group setting.

2010-12 Second Year Tutor, Maynooth University, Ireland

As second year tutor, I served as a graduate teaching assistant to Dr Patty Gray, Dr Jamie Saris, and Dr Mark Maguire, offering tutorials on theory and method in anthropology and with responsibility for the entire second year cohort. I taught weekly seminars on the two core modules in second year: theory (semester 1) and method (semester 2), assuming responsibility for the management of a participant-observation exercise that gave students hands-on experience of conducting ethnographic fieldwork, including data collection and the production of field notes. I also guided students through the development of their undergraduate thesis proposals, which formed a core element in their core modules assessment and which was required to progress to final year.

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